Rang de basanti..

I don’t know if its a coincidence.. I was listening to tu bin bataye from RDB.. n got a strange empty feeling in my heart.. And then I have been reading Japi’s blog since today evening.. n i just came across her post on the RDB debate we hosted..The link is http://themindandthekeys.blogspot.com/2007/10/power-of-one.html
I have a hollow feeling in my heart and I cant understand why.. Its not because I miss those times and people.. Yes, I certainly miss all that but there is more to this feeling.. Sometimes, something makes you realise how far away you are from everything that you took for granted about 3 months ago.. I found Rang de basanti very inspiring.. I know it brought about a change in me.. And the RDB debate seems like another era.. While talkin to Pri yesterday, I told here that I assume that the undergrad days of fun are over now.. We’ll never get that kind of carefree time again! And yet, I think I was pretty responsible even in those days! But the essence of life was so different. When I think of the power of one, I feel proud of myself that I have made a change. All my friends in UIET now think before they throw anything on the road. I thnk if I can change the habits of 10 people, I can make a change. But somewhere, I have lost the zeal to make a change.. Somewhere, I have adopted the chalta hai attitude which I don’t like.. I don’t know if its a side effect of coming to US! or what! But I don’t like the feeling!

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2 Responses to Rang de basanti..

  1. Hi 🙂

    It was only when I started working on my book that I could get over Magboard. For an year before that, I kept going through life like an automaton, sorely missing the girl I used to be in Magboard and fearing that she was left behind forever…it was that fear which finally goaded me to quit Infy…
    Now, I don't remember Magboard often. Which means that I'm well satisfied with my present and so do not need to go into my past.
    I think that our dissatisfactions with ourselves are actually pointers towards the things that we ought to do.
    Perhaps, soon in the future, you will discover a project that would overwhelm and inspire you more than even the Magboard! 🙂

  2. Kinmin says:

    Hi Japi!
    Firstly, thanks for the comment! Feels really good to see your comment here!
    And I guess you are right, I feel I lost a lot when I stopped working in Magboard.. coz I had so many other things to do at that time!
    But I am still waiting to find out what really inspires me now! Lets see how things unfold! 🙂

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